DPF Cleaning

Have you DPF light on your dashboard ?

Has the car lost power and gone into limp mode?

If the answer is YES then your Diesel Particulate Filter is probably blocked.

dpf filter fault

Be careful as in this case, back to engine exhaust gas pressure is too high and can damage your turbo !

We can clean any type of dpf and return it to you in nearly new condition, preventing the need to invest heavily in new filters. The process is efficient in both the time it takes and the cost, contact us today for full details on how we can help you.

We offer a pick-up and return service and strive to achieve fast delivery times, high return rates and cost effective pricing.
*DPF Collection & Return Delivery Terms & Conditions here

Once the DPF has been removed from the car and all wires and sensors have been removed, as these will not tolerate the high temperatures in the oven and will be damaged, the filter can be boxed and we will arrange for collection, once at our premises we will then carry out the following process:

1. The DPF is inspected visually externally and by X-RAY internally to examine the DPF core. If upon examination the core has melted or is physically damaged, e.g. cracked, resulting in the DPF being un-usable, even if clean, it will be returned to sender.

2. The filter is then attached to our air flow rate machine; this measures the flow rate of the filter in its current, unclean state.

3. The filter then goes through a special cleaning treatment, exactly what a DPF is designed to tolerate.

4. The flow rate is measured once again to confirm the filter is now clean and the filter will be visually inspected internally and externally for any damage.

5. We inspect ash removed from DPF in our laboratory to give an advice why it was blocked.

DPF Cleaning treatment takes about 10 hours.

DPF service ireland filter cleaning

Our Laboratory

dpf filter cleaning

Blocked DPF filter

dpf filter cleaning

Cleaned DPF filter

dpf filter cleaning

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